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  Ginny is our sweet little 6 year-old girl who is deathly allergic to peanuts.  Per doctor's orders she is to avoid group activities because you never know what surface or person might have peanut. We have broaden her world by bringing home Geo an Allergy Alert Service Dog.  Thank you for making it possible! 

Thank you
your help!
Thank you for donating to help our little girl!
We have reached the $20,000 goal.
We are no longer fundraising under ASDi. If you would like to help with further care of Geo please click the donate button below. Please also if you would like to help other families get their dog or just help ASDi with expenses related to making these dogs ready please help them out because they have helped us out greatly! You can go directly to their website at

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We are back from Colorado With Geo!

We asked Ginny what an Allergy Alert Service Dog would
 mean to her..


 Thank you everyone!
We have a total that was raised from the Acappella Concert and Silent Auction...
(click here to find out)

All concert and silent auction proceeds went to help Ginny get her
Allergy Alert Service Dog.

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This is Geo!  Angel Service Dogs has trained and had Geo certified to be the Allergy Alert Service dog for Ginny.


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